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Mothers Union meeting for February

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At our  meeting on March 28th, we had a talk by Major Christine Lumm of the Salvation Army, she introduced herself and told us she had been at the St Austell Citadel for eighteen months.


We were asked what our concept of the Salvation Army was and we said, Bands, The War Cry and lost person tracing, to name but a few, The Army has changed over the years, and most Corps these days do not have a band, but they still enjoy their scripture in song.


They are always there when people need them in times of crisis, they are there to help the homeless and give friendship and company, providing Sunday lunches, and while it is being cooked, they talk and share the Gospel,


A very inspiring lady, we could have listened a lot longer, but we still had our business meeting and the most welcome cup of tea.


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The next meeting of the Par Branch of the Mothers’ Union will be on

Tuesday 30th May

2pm in the Biscovey Church Room

The speaker will be

Fr Malcolm Bowers

the subject being

A Visit to the Holy Land”

Visitors are very welcome




History of the Mothers' Union

The Mothers’ Union is the largest voluntary Christian organisation in the world with a distinctive tradition of personal links and relationships, being especially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.

Mary Sumner founded the Mothers' Union in 1874.  She was remarkable woman who identified and met a need for inviting people from different backgrounds into the home to talk about children, families and the Christian faith. With her encouragement and inspiration the Mothers' Union was formed.  This has become a national and then an international organisation, which has spread to 83 countries with 4 million members worldwide.

Meetings of the Parish of Par Branch

The Par Branch meets on the last Tuesday of each month in the Biscovey Church Room (next to St Mary's Church) at 2.00pm.  The Branch Leader is Reverend Valerie Perry and the Branch Secretary is Mrs June Swonnell - 01726 816721 - who can provide further information.


Background of the Parish of Par Branch


The branch is within the Deanery of St Austell and the Diocese of Truro.


A branch of the Mothers' Union was formed in Par in 1914 at the Church of the Good Shepherd with 22 members.  Several years later another branch was founded at St Mary's Church, Biscovey.


Due to a decline in members the two branches were amalgamated in 1970.  The monthly meetings continue to be held in Biscovey Church Room.  We fit our meetings and activities to local and diocesan priorities and needs.


Membership of the Mothers' Union is open to all baptised women and men of any age, married, single or divorced, providing they support the aims and objectives of the Mothers' Union.


Further Information 


If you would like more information about the Mothers' Union, please contact:


The Mothers' Union Diocesan Secretary

Mothers' Union Office

Diocesan House