Dear Friends


A few years ago, there was a lot of excitement about a book called 'Who moved the Stone'.  In this book Frank Morison set out to prove once and for all that the Jesus story was historically untenable.  He came to the notice of the newspapers when he announced he was now convinced by what he had set out to prove untrue.  I wonder if this might happen to Stephen Dawkins of TV fame who has written a book called ‘The God Delusion.’ This man seems to be an evangelical atheist.  If he doesn’t believe in God, why does he care so much about what the rest of us think on this important subject?  Well, I think it unlikely any of us will be deluded by Dawkins or persuaded by his probability arguments that God does not exist.  And as for the author of ‘Who moved the Stone’ he was simply one of a long line of people who joined the quest for the historical Jesus.  There are two fundamental questions:  How? And Why?  If you can prove that Jesus existed, then at least some of the Why's have been potentially answered. Some degree of forensic explanation can soothe the agitated seekers of a Why.


Saint Paul gives us a record of the appearances of the risen Lord and points out that our rising again is bound up in his.  The two are connected and that is the basis of the whole Christian faith. Saint Paul tells us that when Jesus Christ appears again there will be a general Resurrection of the dead that will be followed by the end of the world.  As for the nature of the Resurrection body, it will not have the same characteristics as the body we have now. But the identity of the individual will be preserved despite the change.  We shall acquire a new instrument for our personality that will be nevertheless a proper successor to the present body and will be linked in definite continuity with it.  The new body will be immortal. The final victory of life over death.


Your Friend and Parish Priest


Father David Isiorho