Monthly News from our Churchwarden

We have just completed our 4th year of Open the Book at Biscovey Infants School. We have told several stories involving the Sea of Galilee and our boats have been well used. When we told the story of “The Storm on the Lake” a row of small children dressed in blue sat in front of the boat holding a long swathe of blue material and were very good at being the calm waves and then frantically swaying to and fro and up and down when it got stormy and then back to calm again while the “disciples” were fearful in the boat! The boat was in evidence again for the “Feeding of the Five Thousand” as Jesus tried to get away from the crowds, but they followed him around the lake. The whole school became the crowd and some knitted bread (thanks to Laura) was handed around! The story of the Lost Coin involved the children counting the coins with the widow who had lost one (Anne T), one little boy was so enthusiastic in counting, he got to ten when everyone else was way behind and when there were only 9 he had already gone past and counted to 10 so missed the point a bit! The last story this term was Jesus welcoming children to come to him. We had a large number of children as the crowd and a little boy and girl played by two of the children who spoke their lines really well. It is good to hear some of the comments from the children who really seem to look forward to our Monday visits. One told us it was the best day of the week when we came. It is these chance remarks that make it all worthwhile.


A faithful group from Charlestown and Par gather fortnightly in the Biscovey Church Room for Bible Study with Garth. It begins with informal chat about anything and everything, things that are in the news or happening in church or just things on peoples minds, this can get a bit controversial but as we are all different and have different ways of thinking it is good to hear another side. After a cup of tea the serious Bible Study begins, not so serious that it is incomprehensible but Garth has a way of explaining things, and giving food for thought, on passages perhaps never been encountered or understood before. The sessions begin again in September after the summer break.


The Mothers’ Union Cream Tea afternoon was attended by members, congregation and others who through our social events have become our friends. Representatives from the Diocesan MU were present with their excellent value for money cards and other stationery and MU items and it was a friendly afternoon with enough raffle prizes that everyone seemed to go home with something, apart from feeling full!


Carnival Week in Par was a real community event with most public places involved with different events on each day of the week. Congratulations to Fr Derek who was a winner in the Duck Race, maybe his next sermon will have us singing about the little ducks who went swimming one day, over the hills and far away! The Carnival Bingo, we hosted in the Gott Hall ,was a wonderful, though manic evening, finding enough places for people to sit was difficult and the hall was almost filled to its capacity but everyone was eventually seated and although Beryl had difficulty being heard at the start of each game, silence soon prevailed and it was a very successful evening, which everyone seemed to enjoy. The refreshments were reminiscent of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, putting pressure on the kitchen staff, one of whom had to leg it up Par Green for a top up and even the crockery was in short supply, but everyone was fed and perhaps not 12 baskets left over but I did manage to get a sandwich when all had sufficed their needs! The community supported the event whole heartedly along with those from the community who faithfully attend our Bingo each fortnight. They are very patient and put up with our little faux pas, especially when prizes are at home in my fridge or even worse still in the shop!! The evening made a profit of £357 which I think is a record for any Bingo we have held before. Thank you one and all.


The Carnival was well supported, lots of entries and lots of people on the route. Congratulations to the Carnival Committee for keeping up the tradition and thanks for the hard work they put in to make it such a success.


We are very grateful to Wayne, Stuart and Michael for the work they have carried out to restore St Mary’s Churchyard and churchroom grounds to a more presentable and safer environment. We do need to keep some wild areas to give living things, both plants and wildlife a chance to grow, but hopefully we can control the rampant growth of the garlic flowers and stop the grass choking the primroses and also make it a safer place for those attending graves. Last week a red deer was spotted in the Churchyard, something new to add to the list of wildlife within our grounds! We are grateful to all those who work weekly in keeping both church paths and entrances more welcoming, a never ending task.


August is a quiet month as far as activities within our parish are concerned, but the Sunday and Weekday services are business as usual and there are always the inevitable routine tasks to be undertaken, flowers to be arranged churches to clean, all the unseen tasks carried out by someone, somewhere each week. We have no time really to let the grass grow under our feet, literally. We pray that August will be a sunny one, that those on holiday, both from school or work will be able to enjoy all the wonderful things of God’s creation that we are privileged to live among, the beaches, the views, woods and walks, all free for our enjoyment and for which we are truly thankful.