Monthly News from our Churchwarden

The good news of receiving Heritage Lottery Funding for the preliminary estimation of work to save the tower (and indeed the church), with the final money being available when we have raised £100,000 ourselves, has meant there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to get our SOS Appeal off the ground. The local papers and Radio Networks have been informed, local businesses have received appeal letters (already we have had some positive and generous results) and the process of applying for Grants is underway, although this is a long and arduous task.


Hopefully many of you reading this article with others who live in the area and look on St Mary’s as “their church”, will get inSPIREd to do something to help us in our appeal. It does not have to be a huge event, A Coffee and Cake Morning with some of your own friends or perhaps an Open Garden Morning, or you may have an idea for something BIG, there are lots of ways to raise some funds and as Tesco would say “Every Little Helps!”


The Book and Bake Sale found a large amount of books needing to be sorted and laid out for sale, no mean task and a big thank you to those who did the “donkey” work as with the amount of books, it certainly was. The morning was slow, the kitchen staff were almost redundant, no-one seemed to want tea and cakes, but the cake stall and the plant stall both sold well and £520 was raised for Parish Funds so it was a good ending to the morning, except for the disposal of all the unsold books!

The Dedication of the Good Shepherd was on a really hot sunny Sunday and the welcoming cool of the church soon faded as the outside temperature swiftly rose. It was a day of remembering Jesus is the Good Shepherd and also, all who had worked and worshipped at the Church of the Good Shepherd making it the House of Prayer it is today.


Following the service, those who had decided to stay and share the advertised Brunch gathered round their tables in the Gott Hall, all daintily laid up for a breakfast of bacon rolls, croissants and toast accompanied by delicious jams and marmalade thanks to Penny and Anne D. A lonely pot of marmite stood looking on, unused! No healthy eaters that morning! It was a very leisurely time when people chatted while they waited for the bacon to cook and later over their cups of tea, no one in any haste to rush off. All agreed it was a good breakfast! Thank go to the cook Di Osborne and the helpers.


If you were going down Par Green early one Saturday morning you would have been amused to see Jill and I with a colourful array of bunting strung across the bushes in front of the church and battling to untangle them in order to hang them to advertise the Coffee Morning being held in the Gott Hall. It was worse than any tangled knitting wool. After a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing and much reaching the task was complete and the fluttering flags encouraged people to come and see what was on. Lots of people came and sat over coffee and cakes, Jessica was delighted with her chocolate cake and thoroughly enjoyed every sticky mouthful and retrieving sticky bits from her fingers. Most people took their chance on the tombola and raffle, the cake stall was sold out and armfuls of plants could be seen leaving the Gott Hall. The morning raised £526 for Parish Funds, so another successful day. Thank you once more for those who worked for or supported the event.