Monthly News from our Churchwarden

I am always using George Sweet as a scapegoat in my ramblings but this month I want to convey to him the grateful thanks of us all for varnishing and restoring of the seat that stands in the grounds of the Good Shepherd Church that was erected in 2002 for the Queen’s Jubilee. George has also cut back all the bushes at the front of the Good Shepherd and with Beryl keeps the piece of ground by the main door tidy and welcoming with colourful flowers. So thank you George (and Beryl).


Anne T, John and I arrived at the Biscovey Church Room the day before Mothering Sunday to set up the tables to prepare the posies for the service the next day. Me, as usual in a panic! Half of those who help to make the posies were Mothers’ Union members and were off to the Cathedral for the Lady Day Service. Will they still send flowers, I thought, which of course they did, will anyone take their place to make up the posies? Oh me of little faith, it was not long before Jane arrived with Jessica who was a great help with her little hands and she really enjoyed the biscuits and kept the several other helpers who arrived amused, and all was well. We very quickly had the required number of posies needed for the service next day.


What a wonderful celebration we had on Mothering Sunday. We were joined by members of Leekseed and St Mary Methodist, which meant we had a full church to sing praises to the Lord on this day. The service was led by Fr Barry Saunders, with our Readers Christine and Garth assisting. Tom and Jessica with a young man from St. Mary Methodist, helped Ann Dewings and I take up the colourful baskets of flowers during the first hymn. The flowers were blessed at the end of the service and distributed to children to give to their mums. All mums present then had a posy and still there were plenty left for others and to take to those at home, who for various reasons could not be with us. We sang joyful hymns to the Lord and shared a time of Ecumenical worship. Rachel and Lily read the Epistle and Gospel and Ellie and Joe read the prayers. Most of those attending stayed and shared friendship together over coffee and some lovely cakes, for which our grateful thanks go to Anne T and Lorna, and it was a truly happy and blessed Mothering Sunday.


The Garden of Gethsemane this year was so blessed with flowers. Everything seemed to have come early this year and the daffodils were just finishing but as usual the flowers just came. We were lucky to have some lovely cherry blossom from a tree that had just been cut down, and it was still flowering in the porch a week later, so thank you Anne Langley.


It did make me think earlier in the year when a despondent June said her Gethsemane Tree was flowering and it was far too early. I had never heard of a Gethsemane Tree and asked her what sort of tree it was. “You know”, she said, “the camellia we always use for the Gethsemane Garden, the flowers will be all gone by Easter.”. I shall always think of the camellia as a Gethsemane Tree now and it did not disappoint us it kept flowering and we managed to use the flowers.


It was good to have Fr Malcolm with us on Maundy Thursday for the Celebration of the Last Supper with the washing of feet and again on Good Friday for the Liturgy of the Day, his meditations on both occasions giving us much food for thought. The Silent Witness by the Cross was held with friends from Par Churches Together and although we were few in number, we felt that we did have an impact on the people in the constant stream of cars that passed by. There was no Vigil on the Saturday this year in Par but some of us attended the service at Charlestown celebrated by Fr Michael Warner.


Easter Day dawned bright and clear making it easier to rise and shine and be at the Good Shepherd for 9am. It was good to welcome Fr David with us on his first Easter in Cornwall and the service began with the lighting of the Easter Candles and during the service they were blessed and we renewed our baptismal vows. The St Mary’s Candle has a tale to tell of its own, having been well travelled by the end of the service!


The church looked bright after the starkness of Lent, being decorated with beautiful lilies and other colourful flowers and we joyfully sang the Easter Hymns. There were several children present and they were very eager to show the things they had been busy making and each proudly carried a branch laden with eggs. They all gathered around the Easter Garden while Fr David blessed it and each received an Easter Egg to take home, I am not sure the eggs made it that far though!


We may not have been at St. Mary’s for the first two Sundays of Easter, but the windows were still filled with flowers and our regular Wednesday communicants could appreciate them as well as the unknown visitors who may have looked in. A big thank you goes to all the many people who carried out the many tasks to make sure both our churches were clean and decorated and those who behind the scenes prepared them for all the different services. Thank you all.