Monthly News from our Churchwardens


Mothering Sunday at the Good Shepherd


There was a good turnout of adults, children and families at the Mothering Sunday service at The Church of The Good Shepherd. The hymns were well chosen and the tunes familiar so there was a ‘joyous sound’ of singing throughout the service. The children were very much involved, including assisting our Lay Reader Chris Saunders when she gave a talk on food as symbols of our journey from Shrove Tuesday to Easter Day. We had the tossing of the pancakes – using up the eggs and flour before Lent, bread to sustain us throughout Lent, a homemade Simmel cake, - representing a break during Lent to celebrate and give something back to our Mothers, hot cross buns – to remind us of our Lord’s sacrifice on Good Friday, and the hollow chocolate egg – to remind us that the tomb was empty on Easter morning as Our Lord Had Risen. Before leaving church to enjoy the cake and homemade biscuits in the hall, Fr Barry Saunders, assisted by the children gave posies to everyone, as a thank you token of our mothers love.


Jill Hore



Parish News:


Traditionally the Fourth Sunday of Lent is Mothering Sunday. Although often called ‘Mothers’ Day’ it has nothing to do with the commercial based American festival of that name. In the past it was the day when domestic servants were able to visit home to see parents. Before that, it was the day on which worshipers visited their ‘mother’ church (the cathedral). Some think that as children walked along the lanes they gathered a posy of wild flowers to give to their mother as a small gift. Mothering Sunday is a good chance for us to appreciate our mothers wherever they may be.


On Mothering Sunday this year, as has been a tradition with St Mary’s for many years, the parish was invited to attend Leek Seed for the Mothering Sunday service. Those present were made very welcome and the service led by Worship Leader Anne Keast, was very much based on mothers and children. Unfortunately there was only one child present, Fern, who was very busy taking part in all aspects of the service. The readings were dramatic, the first one about Moses in the Bulrushes being read by people from Leek Seed, including Fern who had to read two parts, busily taking her princess crown on and off as she changed from being the Princess to Miriam the sister of Moses. Four of our readers took part in the second reading about the boy Jesus being left in the temple, both readings about the role of the mother. We all received posies at the end of the service and Fern also received chocolates for her hard work and we were all treated to Simnel cake and other delights in the school room afterwards with our coffee.


The Quiz Evening was as usual a good fun evening, lots of laughter and puzzled faces with everyone in good spirits as the evening began with an Alphabet round, followed by rounds on Animals, Travel and a musical round on Films. There was a chance to boost the scores with an ongoing sheet of Flags around the World. There were the usual mix of names for the teams, no guessing who was who this time though as they were displayed on each table. The variety included the topical ones such as The Ides of March, it was the very day, and the March Hares, Sweets House and the Nibblers I think may have related to the amount of nibbles on the table and there were many! We had Ben’s team, The Rattlers, not sure where that came from unless it was the beer, The Also Rans, who were not actually that far down the list, Top Trump, make your own mind up about that one, and ABC, initials of the team I guess. The winners who were well ahead with 82 points were the Gems, which they proved to be, followed with 75 by the Four Nuts and in third place with 70 points were Team Titanium. A fish and chip supper supplied thanks to Ian and the staff at Val’s Plaice was much enjoyed and many thanks go to David and Karen for a excellent evening.