The extensive repairs to the tower & spire and to the external walls of the church building were signed off in January 2020, with the total building works completed in June.
The £100,000 fund raising drive met its target in July 2020, with the remaining outstanding balance being donated by three local business’s and 4 personal donations.  National Heritage made its final grant donation to us in June.
The project team  are delighted that the target has been met and would like to thank  everyone sincerely  for their financial assistance and  support in whatever capacity.
We are also delighted that the renovation works have been completed and the building looks magnificent once more. Its now a safe and welcoming place for services and concerts....once Covid restrictions allow!
We now begin the process of raising  £25,000 to re-plaster the internal walls.  This arose as the original scope of the project for internal wall repairs, only covered the section around the tower.
On reviewing the state of the remaining church walls the project team and Church Council approved repairs to all remaining walls that showed signs of  damp and flaking plaster.
All internal walls are now in their original and natural state, and are well worth viewing once restrictions are lifted.
It will be a couple of years before the stonework dries our completely,  but we are confident that we have the support of the community to raise the sum required.