In 2016, our 5 yearly inspection of St Mary's church, by the Diocese of Truro, identified that condition of the tower and spire had deteriorate over the years and required urgent work to ensure their structural integrity.  Failure to do so would render the tower unsafe for continued use and the church will need to close.


The main tower has large sections of stone walling made of Biscovey stone, which had deteriorated at a much quicker rate than the rest of the walling which is of granite and slate. This needed to be replaced with a mix of slate and granite to fit in with the current slate and granite within the tower and spire. 


In 2017 we therefore launched our 'Save Our Spire' Appeal to financial this work. As part of our appeal, we submitted a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for their financial support.  We were very fortunate to be awarded a grant  of £??????? to partly fund these essential works.  We have also received many donations from bodies who support such heritage projects and many donations from individuals and other supporters.  The generosity of all donors has been humbling, knowing that this has enabled us to preserve our church for another century.


The repair work began on 21st March 2019, following delays with the scaffolding structure and the inclement weather.  Repointing work from the top of the spire down to the shoulders of the octagonal section of the tower is now complete and the final stages of the work have now started.


The final stages are the renovation of the remaining outside wall and a restoration of areas of the internal walls where the finish has degraded.  We hope to have all the work completed by the end of October 2019.