Thank you for visiting our website. This website is intended to give visitors an insight into our parish, its two churches, our church life and our outreach activities.


The Parish of Par is in the Diocese of Truro in Cornwall and is situated on the south coast of Cornwall, between the town of St Austell and the Port of Fowey.


The parish has two churches, St Mary's Church, Biscovey, and the Church of the Good Shepherd, Par.  Further information on both these churches is given elsewhere in this website.


Within the Diocese we are registered as a Fairtrade Parish for the sale and use of tea, coffee and sugar.

Our Church Services

We are always delighted to meet new people in our church whether they are visitors to the area or locals who wish to know more about our worship and special church services that are available for our local parishioners, for Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals.


The days and times of our regular services are shown on the "Church Services" Menu Tab of this web site.  


For Weddings, Baptism and Funerals, please access the "Weddings etc" tab for further details.





St Mary’s Churchyard.


The gravestones in the Churchyard at St Mary’s Church Biscovey have been inspected by Cornwall Council, and some have been declared unsafe.  It is the legal responsibility of the descendents of the deceased to make them safe.


If you are descended from anyone buried in the Churchyard could you please visit and check whether your family headstone is one that needs to be made safe? 


It there are no descendents then Cornwall Council will either lay them flat on the ground or lean them against the churchyard wall.


A notice for further information is attached to each headstone that requires attention.


July 2013


2016 Follow-up - Three years ago Cornwall Council completed a detailed risk assessment of the Churchyard at St Mary’s Church Biscovey. Some headstones were deemed unsafe and were marked with tape and a notice requesting living family members of the necessity to repair their deceased’s headstone.Statutory notices were published by the Church Council, and a notice has appeared on our Parish website reminding families of their responsibilities concerning family graves.


Cormac Solutions recently carried out a further survey and have given notice that headstones still requiring safety work will be either laid on the grave or against the nearest wall - if that is the safest remedy- in the New Year 2017.


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